Grassroots effort promotes the sport as safe and accessible for kids under 12


Tennis Canada is aiming to get more kids on the court in a new campaign called “Find their Moment.”

The campaign, launched this week on TV and print across Canada in both English and French, highlights tennis as a relatively cheap, safe and accessible sport for kids under 12, its target audience.

“With Find their Moment we are hoping to show parents the positive impact tennis can have on their children in all aspects of their lives, and at the same time show kids how much fun they can have playing tennis with their friends,” said Tennis Canada president and CEO Kelly Murumets, in a release. “We hope more and more children across the country will be introduced to our wonderful sport and join the burgeoning Canadian tennis community.”

Tennis Canada said its sport is one of the fastest growing in the country, backed by research showing that 57% of Canadians “showed an interest” in tennis last year, due in part to the success of Canadian professional players such as Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard.

Canada also has the second-highest new player rate in the world at 17.9%, Tennis Canada said, adding that play among children under 12 is on the rise. About a quarter of parents choose tennis for their kids because it’s considered a safe sport.

The Find their Moment campaign, created with its agency Revolution, includes a 30-second public service advertisement showing happy kids connecting outside and hanging out on the tennis court.

Tennis Canada said the campaign would appear in print, online and on both major and specialty broadcasters for six weeks, just as tennis season gets into full swing.

This campaign comes a year after Tennis Canada celebrated its 125th anniversary with a rebranding exercise that included new logo, website and the “Live the Moment” campaign.

The newest campaign “speaks to parents who want to give their children a lifelong sport and virtues that will support them through the highs and lows of life,” said Revolution partner Marcus Wiseman, in a release.

“Tennis in Canada is exploding at the professional level, but also at the grassroots thanks to programs such as Kids Tennis for younger children and a growing number of camps, coaches and facilities.”



11 February 2016 By Nadine Evans

A profile of CAMP’s 2015 Marketing Award Winner in the Brand Category

Sometimes the most engaging and successful campaigns are ones with a very simple message. Revolution’s work with the CIBC Run for the Cure campaign last fall visibly demonstrated the positive effect of fundraising on real people living with breast cancer – those affected each and every day.

Revolution, a creative branding agency that launched in early 2014, has a goal to help brands reconnect with customers. “Often established brands need to find their way by taking a step back. Many brands want to be different, but keep doing the same things and keep getting the same results. We felt there was an opportunity as an agency to help brands ‘create change’ through better brand strategy and positioning,” commented Marcus Wiseman, Partner and Strategic Lead.

Marcus and team worked with Run for the Cure to create “The Fundraising Effect” – a program that helped reposition the long-standing charity brand not only as an organization whose research sponsorships make a real difference to the lives of thousands of Canadians, but also as a cause worthy of support. “As a cause, breast cancer had lost some of its prominence,” explained Marcus in an interview with CAMP. “Confounding their lobbying for support, the marketplace has become very crowded in the last 25 years – the number of charities vying for people’s donations has nearly tripled, and disease-related charities have nearly doubled.”

But the need for awareness around breast cancer has not changed. 25,000 Canadian women get diagnosed each year – that’s 68 women every day.  While diagnosis statistics are alarming, the good news is that the survival rate has significantly improved. “One of the significant challenges we faced was that there is huge skepticism in the marketplace as to where fundraising money is going and that it is being used to effect,” detailed Marcus.

So in the fall of 2014, the digital campaign launched to reconnect with key groups. “The Fundraising Effect was our chance to overcome skepticism and demonstrate, with tangible stories of real Canadians, the measurable impact that fundraising for breast cancer research is having in local communities across Canada. Patients, researchers, family and friends: every one of them fighting with tools, treatments, and support made possible by fundraising,” explained Caralyne Donnet, Partner and Business Lead for Revolution.

By focusing on the real stories made possible through the efforts of fundraising, the campaign realized outstanding results, including significant uptakes in page views, web sessions, participation registrations, and engagement.

Revolution was one of three companies shortlisted for the Marketer of the Year in the Brand category for CAMP’s Marketing Awards (along with Monolithic Idea for their work with Motrin and Proximity/BBDO for their work with HP) and was awarded the top prize at CAMP’s Awards Gala in October 2015. For more information about the campaign, please visit Direct Marketing Magazine’s coverage on the campaign here.

And what attracted Revolution to CAMP’s first ever Marketing Awards? “We liked the focus on both agency and clients. It offers an integrated approach you don’t often see in other associations,” commented Wiseman.

Please take a look at The Fundraising Effect at CIBC Run for the Cure’s website, and to view CAMP’s Awards Gala video, please visit here.

REVOLUTION named Brand & Creative AOR for Shred-it®

                22 May 2015 – Toronto’s brand strategy and creative agency, REVOLUTION, has been named AGENCY OF RECORD for Shred-it® following a thorough competitive review. REVOLUTION will be responsible for the creation and execution of a new global brand platform and will lead international marketing communications for Shred-it.

                “Shred-it continues to experience tremendous growth, enhancing our position as the leading global confidential information destruction services provider” said Bruce Andrew, Executive Vice-President, Marketing & Customer Experience. “We wanted an agency partner that has considerable experience growing global brands; not only strategically and creatively focused, but business focused. This relationship is about helping us grow our business – not just making advertising – and REVOLUTION demonstrated they understand business.” 

                With their recent merger with Cintas document destruction services in North America and the acquisition of Iron Mountain’s International Secure Shredding Business in the UK, Ireland and Australia, Shred-it is now in 18 countries, 170 markets, and services more than 400,000 customers. “We couldn’t be more excited and enthusiastic for this opportunity to contribute to this incredible company’s future,” said Marcus Wiseman, Partner and Strategic Lead at REVOLUTION. “We hope to help them unlock their potential and drive significant growth.”

                REVOLUTION will work very closely with Shred-it marketing teams in North America and across Europe, Middle East, and Asia (EMEA) to develop a global brand platform and then will be responsible for leading local market campaigns against specific marketing objectives.

                ABOUT SHRED-IT®: Shred-it is a world-leading information security company providing information destruction services that ensure the security and integrity of our clients' private information. The company operates in 170 markets throughout 18 countries worldwide, servicing more than 400,000 global, national and local businesses. For more information, please visit


Multichannel NATIONAL Brand Campaign

                27 February 2015 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Tennis Canada will announce on Monday, March 2, the launch of an organizational re-brand, including a new logo, a creative brand platform, a new website with wider-ranging, dynamic content and a national advertising campaign.

               “With two Canadians ranked inside the Top 10 for the first time ever, the success of the Canadian Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams over the past few years, and more than six million Canadians having played the sport in the last year,” says Tennis Canada CMO, Mark Healey, “tennis has never been more relevant, prominent or important in this country than right now.” 

               And as Tennis Canada celebrates its 125th anniversary this year and as the stewards of the game in Canada, Tennis Canada made the decision to re-brand with a much more human take on tennis.

               The new Tennis Canada identity is grounded in the fundamental values and principles of the game: grace, honour, passion, discipline, respect, and perseverance. These are values and principles developed with significant input from fans across Canada, solicited last fall via social media. The “Tennis Is” social campaign asked fans to share what the sport meant to them and from a wide range of thoughtful responses, the core brand values and principles were chosen to reflect the new Tennis Canada positioning.
               Launching alongside the re-brand is a new fully integrated national campaign with television, print, and digital. Developed by Toronto’s creative and strategy agency, REVOLUTION, the campaign is called “Live The Moment” and it seeks to make an emotional connection between the sport and its players and fans by leveraging the insight that tennis is one game composed of a million moments.
               “Tennis is so much more than the final score or one tournament or one player,” says Healy. “The fact that tennis can mean so many great things to so many people is what we want to recognize with this new campaign. We hope that the campaign strikes a chord with Canadians from coast-to-coast and that fans are able to really connect both with us and the sport in new ways like never before.” 
               The integrated campaign is timed to launch in conjunction with Canada’s upcoming Davis Cup by BNP Paribas World Group against Japan March 6-8 at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre in Vancouver. REVOLUTION has created a TV spot with :30 and :60 versions that will air on SportsNet and TSN, while print and digital will appear in the Globe & Mail. RAIN COMMUNICATIONS created the new, improved and massively robust Tennis Canada website and they will oversee social media integration and amplification.


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REVOLUTION named Brand and Creative AOR
for Tennis Canada

               28 January 2015 -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Brand strategy and creative agency, REVOLUTION, has been named brand and creative AGENCY OF RECORD for Tennis Canada following a thorough competitive review. REVOLUTION will be responsible for the creation and execution of a new brand platform and national marketing campaign for Tennis Canada.

               “Our challenge is to make tennis more relevant and accessible to all Canadians,” said Mark Healy, Chief Marketing Officer, Tennis Canada. “The growing profile and recent successes of our world-class tennis athletes has created renewed awareness and interest for tennis in Canada. We wanted an agency partner who understood how to take our success on the world stage and make it an inspiration for everyone back home to watch, play and get involved in tennis.”

               “Throughout the agency review process, REVOLUTION consistently stood out as a different breed of agency. They are clearly focused on how to make brands more accessible, more relevant and more human,” said Healy. “For REVOLUTION, this assignment was more than creating a clever commercial.”

               REVOLUTION is currently developing a new print, out-of-home, and broadcast television campaign scheduled to launch around the Davis Cup in Vancouver this March with ongoing work throughout the year.


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REVOLUTION wins Digital Strategy Assignment 
for The CBCF 'CIBC Run for the Cure'

               13 January 2015 -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Toronto brand and creative agency, REVOLUTION, has picked-up a digital assignment from Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. REVOLUTION will be responsible for making strategic recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Foundation’s flagship fundraising effort, the “Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure.”

               “REVOLUTION’s strategic capabilities coupled with their focus on making brands accessible, relevant, and ultimately more human, set them apart as our partner in this effort,” said Chris Burke, Senior Manager, Event Marketing. “The CIBC Run for the Cure is our foundational block dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research, health education and advocacy programs in Canada and REVOLUTION has an obvious genuine concern for our business. We knew that REVOLUTION’s understanding of how to align our business objectives with the wants and needs of a changing donor base was going to be essential for us to improve and enhance our 2015 digital strategy.”

               REVOLUTION will undertake an in-depth review and analysis of all Foundation eCommunications practices and elements as they pertain to the CIBC Run for the Cure, from messaging to execution, and then make strategic recommendations to improve the impact of those eComms on overall fundraising.

               “Our objective,” said Marcus Wiseman, Partner & Strategic Lead at Revolution, “is to provide a long-lasting strategic framework for all eCommunications that will ensure that the right message is being delivered in the right way at the right time. This means improving the content, type and frequency of messaging by providing the Foundation with relevant insights and a material understanding of the people they are talking to.”


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The Revolution Has Begun



               5 January 2015 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s a New Year and Toronto’s newest strategic advertising agency has opened its doors with a mission to CREATE CHANGE. Led by long-time collaborators and industry veterans JON MYCHAJLYSZYN, CARALYNE DONNET and MARCUS WISEMAN, the new company, REVOLUTION, is focused on helping brands reach a consumer who seems more complex and harder to reach than ever before in a marketplace that is constantly shifting.

               “There has been a fundamental change in what people want and what people value. And with that, a shift in how those people want to engage with brands, when they want to engage, and – importantly – why they want to engage,” says Partner & Strategic Lead, Marcus Wiseman. And while people’s behaviour and expectations have changed, in many cases, brands have not. “REVOLUTION helps brands understand the change, reconnect with people, and do business better.”

               What people want from brands today can be traced, in part, to the influence of social and digital media in the real-world, says Wiseman. “If brands keep doing things the old way – if they fail to evolve, grow, and adapt – they will continue to struggle to be relevant, to stay loved and to stay in business.”

               To achieve their mission, REVOLUTION helps their clients get back to branding basics: aligning the brand more authentically and meaningfully with the people they want to reach; making the brand more accessible, more relevant, and ultimately more human.

               “We start with understanding our clients’ business fundamentals – how they make money, where, when, and from whom – and we align that knowledge with a real-world, practical understanding of the people they need to connect with,” says Caralyne Donnet, Partner & Business Lead. “We work with clients to help internalize their understanding, evolve their offering, and create a more contemporary and authentic brand in the process.”

               As far as REVOLUTION is concerned creating authentic, contemporary brands means they aren’t limited to advertising. “We are not a traditional advertising agency,” says Jon Mychajlyszyn, Partner & Creative Lead. “We don’t believe advertising is our only tool – not by a long shot.” The solutions that REVOLUTION offers its clients are designed to solve business problems, not just communications problems. “We firmly believe not everything should be -- or can be -- solved with an ad,” says Mychajlyszyn, “We strive to offer our clients a broad range of strategic, creative solutions that are media- and channel-independent. We strive to do the right thing for a brand, not the easy thing or the obvious thing.”

            And doing the right thing means that REVOLUTION hopes to CREATE CHANGE for clients as well, giving them more choice, flexibility, and options. By combining the vision, experience, and capabilities of a network agency with the agility, passion, and cost‑effectiveness of a boutique shop, REVOLUTION offers its clients a better alternative; the best of both worlds.

               “We have a business model that makes engaging with us simple, cost-effective, and easy to manage,” says Donnet. “Senior-level engagement on every account and at all times. A number of pricing models based on business outcomes not communications outputs, including a Flat Fee option that ensures no financial surprises for our clients. And an innovative Strategic Partnership model that keeps agency costs-to-client low while ensuring REVOLUTION is multi-disciplinary and state-of-the-art in the key areas of Digital, Social, Mobile, and Content Marketing.”

               And to ensure they maintain their focus on their clients’ businesses and consistently drive measurable, business results, REVOLUTION plans to engage with only a limited number of like-minded clients each year. Says Wiseman, “We are looking to work with a core group of client partners and collaborators. We want to work with people and organizations who are tired of doing the same things, campaign after campaign; who are tired of not getting the results they want. REVOLUTION has been designed for clients who want to CREATE CHANGE.”

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